About us

Absolute D Light (ADL) is an Australian owned & operated company that provides high-quality commercial grade LED lighting products to residential and commercial customers.

ADL is committed to supplying the highest quality, energy-efficient and innovative LED lighting solutions, to reduce energy consumption, electricity bills, carbon footprint and improve the look and feel of your space.

The ADL team have extensive experience in the design, engineering and supply of cutting-edge, energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial and residential environments across Australia and New Zealand. Our team prides ourselves on creating and maintaining collaborative relationships with our manufacturers and jointly developing innovatively engineered LEDs with our technical design expertise.

Core Values

Our core values are Quality, Innovation and Sustainability. Our values drive everything we do and are demonstrated through our products.


ADL is proud to adopt an engineering approach to our product development. The ADL team work in close partnership with its manufacturers to improve off-the-shelf products and engineer technically superior and innovative lighting solutions that maximise efficiency, aesthetics and product life.


We ONLY stock carefully-engineered commercial grade LED products that meet the highest industry standards, maximise performance and product life. ADL knows that light fittings can be found anywhere, but good quality ones are hard to come by. All products offered by ADL have been carefully engineered and tested to ensure high quality. We also treat our manufacturers as long-term partners and work closely with them to maintain our quality requirements.


We believe in using technology to improve environmental and social sustainability. Our products are engineered to minimise energy consumption and non-recyclable wastage. ADL are also committed to holding our manufacturers and service providers to high ethical standards.

The ADL Advantage

  • ADL work with our manufacturers to engineer LED products to maximise performance, aesthetics and product life.

  • The ADL team includes a qualified electrical engineer with extensive experience in residential and commercial lighting design across Australia and New Zealand. This means we know LEDs more than your average lighting supplier.