Remote Phosphor LED …. The answer to life, the universe & everything … or is it?

There are many articles across the internet claiming many things, extended operatonal life, colour stability, higher quality light output. Remote Phosphor LED is just another product.

There are several companies that produce remote phosphor LED products, and to date, they’ve significanty lagged the mainstream brands in regards to efficacy (light output vs power), and they’ve glossed over this fact and diverted attention to “light quality”, and other products focussed on more specialised applications.

The problems are:

– These products haven’t existed for a long enough period of time to quantify the longevity claims.
– Efficacy is exceptionally low compared to mainstream products.

At the time of writing, mainstream COB LED products with CRI 90, and R9 > 50, have efficacies > 100lm/w …. and correctly designed with sufficient thermal evacuation reduces CCT/Hue changes. Current generations of COB chips have very advanced thermal management strategies built in to their boards, and manufacturers guarantee that these units can run much hotter than previous generations without negatively affecting the LED chips.

Presentations from companies proposing “remote phosphor” are peppered with references to old generations of competitors LED chips, to sell the story.

We all understand. Differentiating your product in a crowded market is hard, and selling an inferior product is very hard. However, without independant verification, and sufficient time to demonstrate , it’s just another product with an unverified claim.

By far, the most likely problem to occur with your LED light, is the electronic driver (power converter) failing. But for a good product, that’s about 5 years after the installation.

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