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All lights are the same right?

Your electrician is the right person to ask. They recommend LED. Wonderful. It’s all sorted.

However, not all LEDs are created equal.

The example above is a shallow recess SMD panel light. It has it’s uses. It looks sleek, it looks fine, until you turn it on. And then you realise that you can see it. You realise that you can see it from everywhere. You are also convinced that you can even see it through the back of your head. The glare is obscene. Ignoring the glare from all your LED lights becomes an obsession. You resort to turning off all the lights when watching TV or using your laptop and tablet, and dimming them almost nothing when reading. Your reading glasses seem to have twenty different reflections off the rims.

After a few months, you notice that the two adjacent lights are slightly different colours, and even though it’s barely noticeable, it gnaws at you. Stepping back, you realise that every light in your room is an individual in it’s own right. It’s own colour, it’s own brightness, and some of them may have gone on strike.

SMD luminaire. Just say “NO”.

Go COB LED, and you’ll never look back.

There is a short discussion about the different types of LED lighting in the Design Guides that you can refer to.

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